Innovative Body Cooling Solutions For Today's Challenges

CarbonCool® System is safe, imaging-friendly and electrode-compatible, utilizing the MPad™ system in a thermal enclosure to enhance cooling efficiency. The MPad™ enables cooling passively after pre-cooling in a freezer, resulting in a low-cost and portable, rapid body cooling system.

Image of layers of CarbonCool® system

Simple, Elegant Design

Each CarbonCool® solution is mainly made up of 2 main components – the MPad™ and the outer Pad, engineered for simplicity and ease of use.

Low Cost

Made from inexpensive, earth-abundant materials combined with simple, elegant designs.


CarbonCool® uses HypoCarbon® for its market leading ability to extract heat.

Easy To Deploy

No toxic materials are used in the system, is not bulky and is straightforward to apply.

MPad™ Enables Rapid Passive Cooling

MPad with HypoCarbon (Centered)

The MPad™ is the heart of the CarbonCool® system. Made from a flexible yet durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it encases a proprietary carbon-based cooling medium, capable of delivering outstanding heat exchange at 35W/mK, while also being non-toxic and environmentally friendly. MPad™ melts evenly compared to typical cooling solutions like ice and water, resulting in minimal insulation and an efficient cooling process. MPad™ has the highest efficacy when frozen and firmly in contact with the patient’s skin. Cooling duration can be improved with the addition of the CarbonCool® XTend™.

CarbonCool® Solutions

The base cooling technology of CarbonCool® is the MPad™ that allows rapid heat exchange between a body and itself. The CarbonCool® System comprises of the MPad™ combined with an intuitively designed pad holder customized to fit its specific application. The simple configuration of the CarbonCool® System is easy to understand and to apply.

CarbonCool® Full Body Suit™ – Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) & heat stroke treatment

CarbonCool® OmniPad™ – Cryotherapy for post-surgical rehabilitation and pain relief

CarbonCool® Comfort Suit V™ & Vest™ – Personal Comfort Cooling for HAZMAT personnel

Illustration of CarbonCool® Applications

CarbonCool® Full Body Suit™

Portable, non-invasive core body cooling system designed for use by first responders and clinicians for Targeted Temperature Management and Heat Stroke Treatment.

The CarbonCool® Full Body Suit™ utilizes MPad™ system in a thermal enclosure to enhance cooling efficiency and to insulate the MPad™ from the ambient temperature. The MPad™s are operationally ready when frozen and work together in contact with the patient’s skin to rapidly reduce the core body temperature at a rate of 7.2ºC/hour for treatment of heat stroke and 2.1ºC/hour during Targeted Temperature Management.

CarbonCool® OmniPad™

A versatile, deep cooling pad for cryotherapy to support post-surgical rehabilitation and pain relief.

The OmniPad™ features a soft, neoprene outer layer and a thermoplastic polyurethane inner sleeve to hold the removable MPad™ insert and direct the cold towards the treatment site. The elastic Velcro straps hold the OmniPad™ firmly in place and provide much needed compression for deep tissue therapy. The OmniPad™ also allows a universal fit and fits most body areas.

CarbonCool® Comfort Suit V™ & Vest™

Comfort Suit V™ and Vest™ are designed to provide optimal cooling and positive physiological effects for personnel exposed to excessive amounts of heat stress.

The Comfort Suit V™ is a one-piece cooling vest, designed to provide sustained microclimate cooling around the upper torso area. The MPad™s are pre-frozen and slipped into the inner sleeves on the vest to provide a microclimate that keeps the wearer cool. Under a heated environment, users wearing the Comfort Suit V™ had lower body fluid weight loss, slower increase of body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure compared to the control group.

The Vest™ is the lightweight version of the Comfort Suit V™, ideal for individuals wearing personal protective equipment such as disposable coveralls. It is designed to provide sustained microclimate cooling around the upper torso area.

Both the CarbonCool® Comfort Suit V™ and Vest™ can provide microclimate cooling for up to 1 hour, and can be further extended to up to 2 hours with CarbonCool® XTend™.

CarbonCool® XTend™

Extending the performance of CarbonCool® System for core body cooling.

The CarbonCool® XTend™ is engineered with a specially calibrated non-toxic phase change material. The contents inside the CarbonCool® XTend™ do not constitute to any safety hazard or danger to the environment, user or patient if released due to mechanical damage to the external material and can be easily cleaned with water. When the CarbonCool® System is used together with CarbonCool® XTend™, the cooling duration of MPad™ can be extended by approximately one hour.