Innovative Body Cooling Solutions For Today's Challenges

CarbonCool® technology is a system utilizing a highly thermal conductive carbon-based cooling medium to absorb heat from the body. The system is made of three simple components – a carbon-based medium suspended in the MPad™ that enables cooling between each pad that holds it in place on the body. The MPad™ operates passively after pre-cooling in a freezer. The result is a low-cost and portable, rapid body cooling system.

Image of layers of CarbonCool® system

Simple, Elegant Design

Each CarbonCool® solution is mainly made up of 2 main components – the MPad™ and the outer Pad, engineered for simplicity and ease of use.

Low Cost

Made from inexpensive, earth-abundant materials combined with simple, elegant designs.


CarbonCool® uses HypoCarbon® for its market leading ability to extract heat.

Easy To Deploy

No toxic materials are used in the system, is not bulky and is straightforward to apply.

MPad™ Enables Rapid Passive Cooling

MPad with HypoCarbon (Centered)

The MPad™ is the heart of the CarbonCool® system. Made from a flexible yet durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it encases a proprietary carbon-based cooling medium, capable of delivering outstanding heat exchange at 35W/mK, while also being non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

CarbonCool® Solutions

The base cooling technology of CarbonCool® is the MPad™ that allows rapid heat exchange between a body and itself. The CarbonCool® system comprises of the MPad™ combined with an intuitively designed pad holder customized to fit its specific application. The simple configuration of the CarbonCool® system is easy to understand and to apply.

CarbonCool® Full Body Suit™ – Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) & heat stroke treatment

CarbonCool® OmniPad™ – Cryotherapy for post-surgical rehabilitation and pain relief

CarbonCool® Comfort Suit™ – Personal Comfort Cooling for HAZMAT personnel

Illustration of CarbonCool® Applications

CarbonCool® Full Body Suit™

Portable, non-invasive core body cooling system designed for use by first responders and clinicians for Targeted Temperature Management and Heat Stroke Treatment.

The Full Body Suit™ comprises multiple MPad™s that are strung together in a “thermal enclosure” to enhance cooling efficiency and to insulate the MPad™s from the ambient temperature. The MPad™s are operationally ready when frozen and work together in contact with the patient’s skin to rapidly reduce the core body temperature at a rate of 7.2ºC/hour for treatment of heat stroke and 2.1ºC/hour during Targeted Temperature Management.

CarbonCool® OmniPad™

A versatile, deep cooling pad for cryotherapy to support post-surgical rehabilitation and pain relief.

The OmniPad™ features a soft, neoprene outer layer and a thermoplastic polyurethane inner sleeve to hold the removable MPad™ insert and direct the cold towards the treatment site. The elastic Velcro straps hold the OmniPad™ firmly in place and provide much needed compression for deep tissue therapy. The OmniPad™ also allows a universal fit and fits most body areas.

CarbonCool® Comfort Suit™

Comfortable cooling vest designed to provide optimal cooling and positive physiological effects for personnel exposed to excessive amounts of heat stress.

The Comfort Suit™ is a one-piece cooling vest, designed to be easy to put on and has an exceptional cooling duration. The MPad™s are pre-frozen and slipped into the inner sleeves on the vest to provide a microclimate that keeps the wearer cool. Under a heated environment, users wearing the Comfort Suit™ had lower body fluid weight loss, slower increase of body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure compared to the control group.