Keep Cool And Stay Safe

Wearing impermeable garments for firefighting and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) cleanup can produce heat-stress injuries and present a health and safety problem for the wearer. Heat stress may also impair cognitive function, leading to poor decision-making and careless work practices. Microclimate cooling helps the user maintain a comfortable body temperature to control heat stress exposure.

Avoid Heat Stress

Maintain safe core body temperature, avoiding excessive heat stress.

Increased Productivity

Continuous cooling allows uninterrupted work cycles.

Better Focus

Maintain cognitive function, and improve decision-making.

CarbonCool ComfortSuit with PPE undone
CarbonCool ComfortSuit with PPE undone

Get Comfortable With Comfort Suit™

The Comfort Suit™ gives revolutionary comfort cooling powered by the MPad™ with its high latent heat of fusion and thermal conductivity. The wearer will feel drastically cooler and more comfortable in heated environments, without any risk of frostbite or discomfort.

The Comfort Suit™ also out-performs the cooling performance and safety of other PCMs, providing a safer product for professionals dealing with strict fire safety regulations.

Comfortable fit with adjustable Velcro straps.

No fire hazard with non-flammable materials used.

Powerful and long duration cooling with MPad™ technology.

Case Study

Singapore General Hospital - Medical Decon Unit

Frontline healthcare staff don thick layers of personal protective equipment (PPE) to decontaminate patients during hospital HAZMAT operations and training. The aim of this study was to evaluate if the use of the CarbonCool® Comfort Suit™ was useful in reducing physiological stress during training.

The participants who used the CarbonCool® Comfort Suit™ had lower body fluid weight loss, slower increase of body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure compared to the control group. Our results suggest that CarbonCool® Comfort Suit™ may reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and fatigue with use of PPE with the possibility of being able to extend their work-rest cycle.