Portable Patient Cooling

Flex.Pad™ is used for rapid and safe core body temperature reduction in the pre and in-hospital setting.

Therapeutic Hypothermia

Cool to target temperatures between 32°C and 36°C, if clinically indicated.

Normothermia Treatment

For patients with high fever, febrile neurologic intensive-care patients and heat stroke.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Cool to reduce elevated intracranial pressure in patients with
traumatic brain injury.

Flex.Pad on patient

Versatile, Portable Cooling Pads

The Flex.Pad™ is an innovative cooling solution developed for Targeted Temperature Management or fever reduction. The versatile system is portable and are a one-size fits all. It allows for pre-hospital use in air rescue, ambulance services, while the patient is in transit to the hospital and in-hospital use in emergency care.

Easy Preparation & Application

Flex.Pads™ have a peel and stick adhesive backing and are fast and easy to apply to the patient. To prepare, place Flex.Pads™ in the freezer until pads are operationally ready. Peel the adhesive backing and press the pad down for 3-5 seconds directly on the patient’s skin.

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