Far more superior in terms of rate of heat transfer, than any other cooling agent in the market.
HypoCarbon® technology was developed and patented by EMCOOLS for easy and efficient cooling, working based on 2 principles - Thermal Conductivity & Non-Insulation.

This new cooling system is able to perform deep cooling by exploiting the principle of heat transfer.

Carbon at its Core - The technology leverages on carbon, which has high thermal conductivity. By freezing the carbon composite, it enables rapid heat transfer upon surface contact to the frozen carbon material.

Use on Human Skin - This patented technology really shines when applied on human skin, extracting heat from the body without the skin temperature dropping below 6°C. This makes it far more comfortable that most cooling systems in the market.

Skin Friendly - The patented carbon material is encased by skin and environmentally friendly components, allowing a stepwise and very well tolerated core body temperature reduction for various applications.

Unique melting properties of HypoCarbon®.

Melts Evenly - The unique carbon material melts evenly when in contact with a warmer surface, allowing efficient thermal conduction. Ice, on the other hand, melts unevenly resulting in water accumulating around the ice forming an insulating barrier.

More Powerful Than Ice - The heat-absorption potential of HypoCarbon® is 15 times more efficient than ice and 58 times more efficient than water. This allows the HypoCarbon® technology to lead the market in non-invasive cooling.

Superior Cooling Rates - This groundbreaking material ensures outstanding core body cooling rates of up to 6.6°C/hr during therapeutic normothermia and 3.3°C/hr during hypothermia therapy.