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    Operational Readiness

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How It's Applied

Fast & easy application

1. Preparation - Freeze Flex.Pad™ inside the vacuum package for ~48 hours.

2. Operational Readiness - Ready to use pads are indicated by a blue color indicator label.

3. Application - Open the package and remove protective foil, press down for 3-5 seconds on dry skin.


  • A great advantage is the mobile design which allows continuous and simultaneous cooling of several patients. Brilliant for patients and users. - Poland

  • As users in ambulance services, we were excited about the mobile EMCOOLS cooling system which is also very easy to use. With Flex.Pad™ we can start the treatment immediately and therefore in accordance with the guidelines. EMCOOLS is our preferred method for effective and fast cooling. - Germany

  • EMCOOLS Pads are very effective and time saving, and today they are our first choice for cooling cardiac arrest patients. We do not use the cooling device we have had before anymore. - Denmark