The MPad™

The MPad™ is a flexible cooling pad utilising HypoCarbon® technology. Being small and light, it ensures quick and easy insertion into the CarbonCool® system.

CarbonCool® Pad Holders

The CarbonCool® Pad Holders are made with medical-grade neoprene paired with biocompatible TPU for maximum heat transfer upon contact with surface.

Safe on Skin, Far More Cooling Power.

CarbonCool® is skin friendly, keeping the temperature of the skin within a safe range and is free from any toxic chemicals.

In comparison to direct ice cooling, CarbonCool® has a superior thermal conduction of 35Wm/K compared to 2.3 Wm/K with ice. Even so, there is no risk of skin burn as the skin temperature will not fall lower than 8ºC when using CarbonCool®.

Comfort with Compression

Maximum comfort.

The material in contact with the skin is made with biocompatible TPU, which offers a firm yet non-abrasive contact. The exterior is made with medical-grade neoprene paired with soft plush laminate, giving the wearer maximum comfort when applied.

Compression ready.

Stretchable neoprene with strong velcro provides compression to the area applied on. While also maximizing surface contact, studies have shown that compression aids in recovery, reduces swelling, inflammation, pain and muscle spasm.



CarbonCool® is suitable for application indoors or outdoors. CarbonCool® is also cross compatible for both male and female wearers. Cooling duration is dependent on ambient temperature.

1Thermal Conductivity
Water - 0.6W/mK
Ice - 2.3W/mK
CarbonCool® System - 35W/mK
2Cooling Rate
Normothermia Therapy - up to 6.6ºC/h
Hypothermia Therapy - up to 3.3ºC/h
X-Ray, CT Scan and MRI compatible.


Design rights.

Registered Design Rights have been granted to commercially protect the shape and visual aspects of CarbonCool® System's features.

Registered trademark.

CarbonCool® is a registered trademark wholly owned by Global Healthcare SG Pte. Ltd.