Mobile Patient Cooling

Flex.Pad™ is used for safe and efficient core body temperature reduction in the pre and in-hospital setting.

Therapeutic Hypothermia

Cool to target temperatures between 32°C and 36°C, if clinically indicated.

Normothermia Treatment

For patients with high fever, febrile neurologic intensive-care patients and heat stroke.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Cool to reduce elevated intracranial pressure in patients with
traumatic brain injury.

Flex.Pad on patient

Versatile, Disposable System

The Flex.Pad is an innovative cooling solution developed by EMCOOLS for Targeted Temperature Management or fever reduction. The versatile system is portable and can be easily disposed of after application. It allows for pre-hospital use in air rescue, ambulance services, while the patient is in transit to the hospital and in-hospital use in emergency care.

Easy Preparation & Application

Flex.Pads have a peel and stick adhesive backing and are fast and easy to apply to the patient. To prepare, place Flex.Pads in the freezer until pads turn blue in colour and are operationally ready. Open the packaging, peel protective foil and press the pad down for 3-5 seconds directly on the patient’s skin.

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